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Frequently Used Ward Forms

Community Event Applications and Resources

Our 10th Ward Office offers a variety of applications and forms for a number of community events and projects. Whether you are planning a Block Party, Garage Sale, or need assitance with other forms, the 10th Ward office is here for you.


Frequent Forms List

Block Party

Block Parties annual event(s) that community residents organize for their street, require the recreational streets to be closed for the event. Residents may apply to close their stretch of a residential side street between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m.The approval and final issuing of block parties are through the Department of Transportation.


Permits to close a street for the purpose of holding a block party is requested by a resident of the block through their Aldermanic Offices, the 10th Ward Office.  All Block Party Organizers are required to submit a Block Party Petition Form along with their application to the Aldermanic Office. These permits are issued free of charge. Issued permits will be sent back to the Aldermanic Office to be distributed to the applicant. Completed applications are to be returned to the Aldermanic Office where the event is taking place. 

Please submit your block party form AT LEAST 3 weeks in advance of the the event to fully process.

Rules Regarding Block Party Permits Requests


  1. Requests for Block Party Permits from the Aldermanic Offices must be received by the Department of Transportation within three (3) business days prior to event to insure the permit is issued for the event.  Permits are issued on a first come, first served basis.

  2. Block Party Permits will not be issued on any Federal Aid Urban Streets (i.e., arterial streets) or on a bus route.

  3. Block Party Permits will not be issued for more then one (1) day in succession or to close any street for a commercial purpose.

  4. A block party permit will only be issued for a single block (intersection to intersection).

  5. Access to any parking spaces controlled by meters or pay boxes must be maintained at all times.

  6. In addition to the rules listed above, Block Party Permit requests may be denied by the Department of Transportation for the following reasons:

  • Incomplete application (missing information)

  • Traffic control issues

  • Issues related to other permits issued in the vicinity of the event

  • Public safety concern


For more information, contact us at the 10th Ward Office.




Garage Sales

If you are planning a garage sale in the City of Chicago you must have a permit. Residents are limited to 3 sales per year, with the third sale being a moving sale. Each garage sale is limited to 3 consecutive days between 9:00 AM and sunset.


The permits are FREE and must be displayed during the sale period. The form must be filled out completely, signed and proof of residency must be show. Application for garage sales in the 10th Ward must be brought into the 10th Ward Aldermanic Office at 10500 S. Ewing Ave.


NOTE: According to ordinance 10-8-320, you may not advertise your sale by posting signs or any other material (flags, banners, etc.) on any city property (i.e light poles, traffic signal, bus stops, etc.) including string banners between light poles. You are entitled to post signs on your property only.

Property Taxes

Important Notices

Tax Bills and Payments:

The Cook County Treasurer’s Office mails out tax bills and collects payments. For a copy of your tax bill and/ or payment information, please contact the Cook County Treasurer’s Office at 312-443-5100, or visit their Website at Cook County Treasurer.


Report Erroneous Exemptions:

When a property is getting an erroneous exemption you are paying more than your fair share. You can anonymously report erroneous exemptions at Whistleblowing - Cook County Assessor.



Click here Contact US - Cook County Assessor if you have a question, would like to send the Cook County Assessor’s office an email or to receive emails regarding mailing dates, and assessment information.

Homeowner Exemption

Taxpayers whose single-family home, townhouse, condominium, co-op or apartment building (up to six units) is their primary residence can save $250 to $2,000 per year, depending on local tax rates and assessment increases. First time applicants must have been the occupants of the property as of January 1 of the tax year in question.


The Cook County Assessor’s office now automatically renews Homeowner Exemptions for properties that were not sold to new owners in the last year.In neighborhoods where assessments have increased sharply, this exemption also helps buffer the reassessment and can be worth as much as $2,000 ($20,000 in Equalized assessed Value multiplied by the local tax rate.)

For more information visit the Cook County Assessor’s Office located at:


118 North Clark Street 

Third Floor, Room #320

Chicago, IL 60602


Phone: (312) 443-7575

Hours: 8:30 AM- 5:00 


All Applications are closed for the 2019 Year.

Homeowner Exemption

Senior Freeze


Disabled Persons


Homeowner Exemption Waiver

Disabled Veterans Exemption


Water Bill Assistance

The Department of Finance is responsible for collecting water and sewer service payments and providing billing related customer service. For more information about other Water initiatives and policies, please see the following services:

Apply for Water and Sewer Charge Exemptions

Water Billing and Customer Service administers water and sewer fee exemption programs. You or your organization may be eligible. For more information on eligibility criteria and how to apply, please click on the links below:


Meter Save Program

"MeterSave is a program offered to non-metered Chicago homeowners to voluntarily install meters to help them save water and save money. The MeterSave Program is funded in part from charges approved by the Chicago City Council and paid by our customers. Also, the MeterSave Program is financed in part from low interest Drinking Water State Revolving Loan Funds (SRFs) administered by the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA). For more information on the IEPA Loans."


- Source, Meter Save Chicago

The Meter Save Program is offered in partnership with the City of Chicago's Water Management Department (WMD). Homeowners participating in MeterSave will receive a 7-year guarantee that the home water bill will be no higher than it would have if the meter had not been installed.


  • Eligibility: Non-metered, residential single-family, and two-flat owners in the city of Chicago.


  • Cost to Participate: The City of Chicago Department of Water Management (DWM) will install a free meter complete with the automatic meter reading (AMR) technology in your home free of charge.


  • Sign Up: Interested homeowners may visit to complete a quick and easy online registration, call 3-1-1 or billing and customer service at 312-744-4H2O. 



Private Drain Program

The City of Chicago may now repair sewer drain tiles coming from private residences, of up to four units, that are broken under the public way. Although private owners are still responsible for general maintenance and cleaning of the private drain; the City can now repair damage from the city sidewalk to the center of the street, 

at no cost to the property owner, when the following conditions are met:


  • The contractor hired must call the Department of Water Management Permit Section at 312.747.8118 to obtain a permit to rod and videotape the private drain.

  • The contractor would then call the Inspections Section at 312.744.5503 to schedule an appointment with      a house drain inspector to be present for the rodding and taping of private drain line.

  • The contractor must provide videotape of private drain line to the house inspector.

  • If the line can be opened by rodding, no Department of Water Maintenance action will be taken.

  • If the line cannot be opened by rodding, then the sewer contractor and the Department of Water Maintenance inspector determines if the break is on private property or in the public way.

  • If the break is on private property, the homeowner must hire a city licensed sewer contractor to repair the private drain line.

  • If the break is in the public way, the Department of Water Maintenance will repair the private drain line.


For more information, visit City of Chicago - Private Drain. To sign up for the program visit the 311 Website